Video Master of Science in Leadership

What a Master of Science in Leadership Did For Me


Rebecca Packwood: My name is Rebecca Packwood and I’m an online graduate from Norwich University for the Master of Science and Leadership, with a Concentration in Management Consulting.

What I like about the program in and of itself is that I was exposed to a lot of different perspectives in the forum with a discussion, got to see a lot of different ideas from other students that I wouldn’t have possibly thought of on my own. It was very challenging and eye-opening, both academically but also personally because some of the questions and the instructors really challenge you to look into yourself and figure out what it is that appeals to you and motivates you and resonates with you and your values, how they apply and how you can apply those things you learn at your job as well.

I absolutely would recommend this program to others. It’s been the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had. It really takes a commitment and it’s an investment in yourself. You really have to sacrifice your time, your family time, but the work that goes into it and the results that you get from it and the output is so rewarding. And you just feel so accomplished at the end of it.

And there were a lot of times when my daughter would come up to me and she was like, “Mom, are you almost done?” And I’m like, “No, mommy just started, I’ve got a little bit to go.” But then she’d say, “I’m proud of you, mommy, you’re really driven and you want to get this done, and I hope I’m as smart as you someday.” And I’m like, “Oh, I’m sure you will be.”

And it’s been a long journey for me and I’m just glad that I was able to finish it.