Video Master of Science in Leadership

Recommendation For Students Interested in Their Master of Science in Leadership


Rebecca Packwood: So what I would recommend to potential students looking at a program at Norwich University, I would recommend that they take a deep, introspective look into themselves to find out what motivates them, what challenges them, what gets their juices flowing, what excites them at work with their current jobs or what has excited them in the past.

But I also have them take a look at what they are not happy with, what they would like to change, where there’s any potential gaps and where they see a need to fill that, and then look at the course outlines and look at the programs and see what matches up with the strengths and the weaknesses.

And I think if they were to do that, they would find a program that is perfect for them and it would afford them an opportunity to learn and grow and excel themselves into their future.