Video Master of Public Administration

How You Can Apply Learnings Immediately In Your Day-to Day Job


Jacqueline Shiner: My name is Jacqueline Shiner and I’m a graduate of Norwich University’s Master of Public Administration program. I am a government contractor and I do pricing analysis as well as contracts.

And so working with technical teams and being able to collect the data from them and ask them questions, I was able to take things I was learning in my classes right away. And I’d like to be able to do actual policy data analysis and analytics in the future.

One of the areas of curriculum that I found extremely useful was action learning, and in fact I started using it as soon as I started learning it in my day-to-day job. It allows me to ask questions to people rather than just come directly to an answer. My natural personality is to tell people what to do per se, and so it was really a strain for me at first but now I’m doing it all the time.

And in fact people who’ve known me for years have kind of laughed. It’s become a strength and an asset in my day-to-day job and something that I will be using for many days to come.

And the action learning is so important that the World Congress will be held here in 2018 at Norwich University.