Video Master of Public Administration

Benefits of Pursuing Your Master of Public Administration Online


Jacqueline Shiner: My name is Jacqueline Shiner and I’m a graduate of Norwich University’s Master of Public Administration program.

In my household we’ve spent six years in graduate school. My partner was an actual Norwich University graduate in 2014 of Military History. He was the one who inspired me the most, watching him as he worked through his program, and he enjoyed his residency. So I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I needed to go back to school.

When I was pursuing my undergraduate degree, I actually was working full-time and going to a brick and mortar school. So I was actually juggling the time of getting to campus and going and working full-time, and it was difficult.

So when I started looking at graduate programs I wanted the ability to be able to work on my own and at my own pace, and be able to still get the same learning experience that I would if I were in a physical classroom. And Norwich University looked to me to be the right place to go.