Video Master of Civil Engineering

How an Online Master of Civil Engineering Degree can Help Advance Your Career


The concentration that I chose in Master’s of Civil Engineering program is Construction Management. In my previous work, I had some experience in project manager – being a project manager – and project management. I was still in the learning phase, so with this, it was able to help me so that I would know what is expected and what is to be done in a higher capacity.

Prior to living in California, I was in Texas. So the reason why I chose Norwich online is because I’m a military wife. So I know that I will have to move every two to three years. So I wanted to know that, wherever I move, I’m still able to stay in one school and not have to try to transfer to go to another university.

I definitely would recommend this program. I mean, it took me a year plus to actually find this school and this program, ‘cause I did a lot of research. So the fact that I now found out, you know, about the school and what do they offer, I would definitely recommend it, because it’s flexible, the fact that it’s online. And it’s Civil Engineering because there are not a lot of online Civil Engineering programs. So that is a plus. It’s organized, and the entire course with the structure, everything, it will help in the practicality out in the workforce.