Global Economic Inequality–and What Might Be Done About It

Income inequality is a global issue that has become more prominent in recent years. As the top 1 percent now own 40 percent of all national wealth, economists and politicians have been debating solutions for decreasing this growing wealth disparity and increasing the economic prospects of the lower and middle classes. While economists and social […]

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    The Do's & Don'ts of Peace Negotiation

    Since the end of the Cold War, negotiating peace between warring parties has been the standard practice for how our world handles conflicts – both large and small. Parties who seek to help restore peace use a variety of different methods to help end disputes and neutralize conflicts between nations and organizations alike. The successes […]

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      Do Economic Sanctions Work?

      Economic sanctions have been around for ages and have been used by major countries against different countries as a response to a policy or a course of action that is deemed unacceptable. These sanctions are typically used instead of using a military attack, and they are meant to prevent aggression between countries and bring about […]

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