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Make a Personal Impact in Public Service

The need for strong public servants is greater than ever as government agencies, NGOs and not-for-profits are faced with unprecedented challenges. Leaders within these organizations can make a real difference in shaping the future of our communities and our country as a whole. A career in public administration can provide the opportunity to solve substantial social and economic problems. It’s a chance to create better cities and towns, stronger government, and more successful not-for-profit outreach programs. It’s also a career that requires a uniquely complex skill set. That’s why Norwich University offers curriculum that can help you learn how to develop your vision and inspire others to bring that vision to reality.

Online Master of Public Administration at Norwich University

Norwich University has been an innovator in education since 1819. We extend a tradition of values-based education, where structured, disciplined, and rigorous studies create a challenging and rewarding experience. Online programs, such as the Master of Public Administration, have made our comprehensive curriculum available to more students than ever before. This convenient study option delivers relevant topics that are essential to a thorough and well-rounded comprehension of public administration in today’s world. The Online Master of Public Administration at Norwich University is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program that helps produce graduates with the skills required to effectively manage in a demanding and evolving system. Our rigorous curriculum will provide you with a comprehensive study of organizational management concepts, decision-making processes, strategic planning, and fiscal management. You will also explore the core values of professional ethics and public service, effective leadership techniques, relevant legal issues, and human resources management. Core seminars focus on public organization, policy and planning, resource management, program evaluation, technology, and the law. Students can choose from one of eight concentrations including:

*If pursuing the Policy Analysis and Analytics concentration, students will complete one core course first and then move into the concentration’s courses for the remainder of the program.

Pursuing Your Online Master of Public Administration

The need for public administrators is expected to grow. Growth will be in response to societal and demographic changes, economic fluctuations, healthcare reform, and an aging workforce that will be retiring from public service roles. There are a number of possible tracks for professionals with a Master of Public Administration. This, of course, includes careers in local or state government, such as city manager, county manager, auditor, safety inspector, labor relations specialist and more. The federal government is also a major employer of individuals with a master of public administration degree. Many government agencies look for the skills that come from the study of public administration. These include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Small Business Administration (SBA), and other groups that oversee the way our country operates. Public administration opportunities are also prevalent within NGOs and not-for-profit agencies, where an executive leadership role could lead to a six-figure salary. The degree is equally applicable to the private sector, where outstanding careers exist for professionals to interact with government entities on a company’s behalf. You can also consider a future as public administration consultant, assisting organizations in analyzing their operations, obtaining funding, and developing policies and procedures. Studying with us can help you follow the path that will take you to the future you have always envisioned. The Online Master of Public Administration program provides you with the opportunity to:

Choosing an Online Master from Norwich University

Our online curriculum is ideal for busy professionals who need the flexibility to attend classes on their own schedule. All students in the Master of Public Administration program will enjoy learning opportunities that allow for direct interaction with remarkable faculty members who have made public service their life’s work. Small classes also facilitate your ability to network with a core group of fellow students that share your professional interests. The online Master of Public Administration program at Norwich University is taught by accomplished faculty members with real-world and academic experience in management and public administration. Our collective goal is to give you the latest instruction in the areas of leadership, legal liability, management, human resource management, budgeting, and information assurance. Students also receive the support of a dedicated program staff that provides guidance in helping you achieve your career goals. When you enroll with us, you gain access to a dynamic learning community that includes an extensive network of successful alumni from around the globe. Established in 1819, our nationally recognized institution of higher education is recognized as the birthplace of ROTC and home of the first private military college in the United States. Norwich University is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. To learn more about the online Master of Public Administration at Norwich University – and how you can pursue excellence in education – please submit the form on this page.