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“I have more clarity about who I am as a leader. I am able to set a positive example professionally from emotional intelligence to change management.” - Larry Ingersoll, 2013 Norwich Graduate
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Learn to lead through one of the main challenges of the 21st century: ensuring the readiness of public, government, and military organizations to address complex, contemporary global constraints. As budget cuts and funding reductions continue for many public organizations, leadership is charged with finding economical ways to increase the value of services and products by streamlining processes and integrating efforts at macro and micro levels.

The Master of Science in Leadership online program focuses on enhancing leadership capabilities to address these pressing issues through understanding the application of organizational behavior strategies, and cultivating the management skills needed to effect organizational change from a high level. As the home of the first private military college in the United States, and recognized as the birthplace of ROTC, Norwich University offers a long history of creating leaders. Our graduates have been central to some of the greatest military, social, and business decisions of the past 200 years.

Our newest concentration in Public Sector/Government/Military Leadership explores the political, philosophical, and practical dimensions of leadership unique to these types of organizations. Combining the latest leadership theories with the most effective lessons from the private sector, you will learn the theoretical frameworks and practical tools to help effectively improve and manage complex systems, influence organizational context, engage stakeholders, and shape institutional culture.

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