Master of Public Administration

Concentration in Public Works and Sustainability

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The Public Works concentration focuses on many topics such as political, technological and operational issues in areas like transportation, facilities and structures, public utilities and more.
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Public administration is a demanding and constantly evolving profession. The challenges of running the municipality, statehouse, or agency can feel overwhelming for those who aren’t properly prepared. That’s why our students choose the Master of Public Administration online program at Norwich University and the Public Works and Sustainability concentration.

To become an effective and responsible leader you must communicate clearly, make intelligent decisions, and motivate your team. The Norwich University online program provides you with the skills you’ll need to build a meaningful career through highly relevant coursework and discussions with experienced faculty and peers from across the county.

Develop your own personal leadership style and earn the respect you deserve.

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*If pursuing the Policy Analysis and Analytics concentration, students will complete one core course first and then move into the concentration’s courses for the remainder of the program.

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