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Strategy & Soft Skills: Today’s Leaders in Action

Today’s leaders are faced with challenges their predecessors would never have imagined. This includes knowing how to manage and connect with an increasingly diverse employee population. Not only in terms of cultural differences, but generational differences as well. It’s an exciting time for visionary leaders who have the intelligence and insight to respond with agility and confidence.

We have a long history of creating leaders here at Norwich University. That’s because our nationally recognized institution of higher education is recognized as the birthplace of ROTC and home of the first private military college in the United States. Our graduates have been central to some of the greatest military, social, and business decisions of the past 200 years. We are proud to offer this exceptional opportunity for you to explore the depth of leadership opportunities available to smart, savvy professionals.

Online Master of Science in Leadership at Norwich University

Norwich University has been an innovator in education since 1819. We extend a tradition of values-based education, where structured, disciplined, and rigorous studies create a challenging and rewarding experience. Online programs, such as the Master of Science in Leadership, have made our comprehensive curriculum available to more students than ever before.

This convenient study option delivers relevant topics that are essential to a thorough and well-rounded comprehension of modern leadership. The program emphasizes an interactive atmosphere, mentoring relationships with faculty, and extensive experiential learning. The first three seminars of the program cover the core foundational theories of leadership, including ethical leadership, emotional intelligence and collaborative leadership. Students can then choose to specialize in one of four critical areas of:

In each of these concentrations you will explore:

The online Master of Science in Leadership focuses on helping you obtain the skills needed to manage people, inspire confidence, and leverage top talent within your business. By the end of this program, you will have a diverse array of tools to recognize what it takes to truly excel in the industry or organization of your choice.

Pursuing Your Online Master of Science in Leadership

You have a choice to make when you go to work each day. It’s the choice whether to be just another employee, or to become a leader who stands out from the crowd with the skills and knowledge to help shape the future.

Leadership in today’s business climate requires a multidimensional skill set, including the ability to engender trust as a person of high integrity. A good leader has a strong moral compass and a track record of making wise decisions that have a positive impact on the bottom line. Companies are interested in people who have proven that they have what it takes to turn in a good performance and make a difference in productivity and profitability.

The online Master of Science in Leadership from Norwich University is designed to help you demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to lead teams and inspire progress, while also growing your own career. Our goal is to provide the education you need to lead — whether you want to achieve C-level position within a particular company or strike out as a visionary entrepreneur with your own business.

The program is practical and pertinent, designed for aspiring or existing leaders in any profession. Studying with us can help you:

Our online curriculum is ideal for busy professionals who need the flexibility to attend classes on their own schedule. All students in the Master of Science in Leadership program will enjoy the opportunity to interact directly with our faculty of business managers and entrepreneurs, all of whom bring significant value directly from real-world experience.

If you are a highly experienced leader looking to pursue an executive level leadership degree, please contact us at for more information on our online Master of Science in Executive Leadership program.

Choosing an Online Masters from Norwich University

The unique curriculum of the online Master of Science in Leadership program is conducted in seminar form to provide the best and most thorough learning experience. Seminars are designed to build upon each other in a sequential manner that illustrates how you can work to mold yourself into a strong, powerful leader. You will be able to track your progress in your Leadership Development Portfolio and prompt change and growth in your life and work, as you become more deeply aware of your individual leadership style and potential.

Small classes facilitate your ability to network with a core group of fellow students that share your professional goals and interests. Norwich University students also receive the support of a dedicated program staff that provides guidance in helping you achieve your career goals. When you enroll with us, you gain access to a dynamic learning community that includes an extensive network of successful alumni from around the globe.

Norwich University is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. To learn more about our online Master of Science in Leadership Program– and how you can pursue excellence in education – please submit the form on this page.