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Develop a Worldview with Real-World Application
With a Master’s Degree in International Relations 

Welcome to Norwich University. As the oldest private military college in the nation, our perspective on international relations is unlike any other school. With our extensive military history, we have seen firsthand the value of diplomacy, trade and compromise. In fact, this value has made master’s degrees in International Relations a best “Master’s Degree for Jobs”*. Without ethical experts at the helm, there could be negative consequences for global relationships. That’s why we’re preparing leaders for global engagement. You can become one of them.

Why choose our online Master of Arts in International Relations? You can learn how to analyze and apply data, understand international relations theories and laws, and dig into research and topics that matter most to you. Depending on your area of interest, you can use your skills and experience to help drive change in any sector — public, private and nonprofit.

Program Highlights

**Ranking based on Norwich University undergraduate programs 

What is International Relations?
International relations covers many subjects and branches out beyond the typical confines of diplomacy. Because of the field’s wide scope, we offer a well-rounded education. With us, you can take a look at the internal workings of international players. Examine the role of state and non-state actors on the global stage. Explore different schools of thought, including liberalism, constructivism and realism. Choose our program and develop independent thinking and problem-solving abilities, along with the skills, experience and mindset to successfully operate at an international level.

International relations experts must be well-versed in many areas:

International relations is a broad field, but diplomacy is more focused. If your career goals center solely on diplomatic processes, explore our Master of Arts in Diplomacy online program.

Your career potential is borderless

Ranked as a best “Master’s Degree for Jobs” – An advanced education in international relations can be versatile, profitable and influential. Mid-career international relations professionals earn a median salary of $108,000. It’s clear that advanced knowledge of negotiation, foreign policies and international business can be well-compensated in the international arena. Plus, careers associated with this degree are projected to grow 7%.*

Your international relations career can span many industries- Develop an advanced understanding of international relations and apply it around the world. From private corporations to government entities and academic institutions, international relations professionals can apply their expertise in any sector. Some international relations careers include attorneys, diplomats, journalists, policy analysts and CIA agents.

Become an advocate for international change- With technology and communication expanding exponentially, how world leaders interact is steadily influencing more aspects of modern society. International relations experts are involved in many issues — from climate change and human rights to international conflict. Choose our program and learn how to apply theoretical expertise to real issues. Gain a better understanding and a global perspective on how you can become an advocate for change.

Establish your professional expertise on your schedule- Do you want to influence global politics? Are you prepared to operate beyond national boundaries? Our online master’s degree in international relations is designed to help you reach your professional goals while continuing in your current role. With online coursework, round the clock technical support and competitive tuition, you can advance your international relations career in as few as 18 months on your pace and schedule each week.

Why should you pursue our International Relations degree?

Take your interests global

While our international relations degree covers many topics, such as economics, human rights, terrorism and more, you can narrow your focus as well. Our deep research component allows you to apply your knowledge to a specific topic of your choice. Each of our five concentrations is designed to resonate with specific interests:

Learn the intricacies of international relations

The Master of Arts in International Relations graduate program from Norwich University strategically balances research and application to help foster creativity, improve your critical thinking and develop an ethical mindset. Learn to consider events from a wide variety of perspectives, evaluate societal consequences and excel in your area of interest with five concentrations and a relevant curriculum taught by experts in the field.

Develop a worldview with real-world application

Our curriculum evolves based on research and current events. In every course, we strive to help you examine real-time issues through a global lens. We help you gain a command of the dominant theories that impact foreign relations, and learn how to leverage qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Our class discussions explore the main trends in today’s international political economy so that when you graduate, you are prepared to discuss relevant global topics. You can gain the ability to build compelling cases based on reliable insights and exercise your influence with high credibility.

Graduate with a leadership mindset

During our program, you will study the multidimensional aspects of culture, economics, politics and the distribution of power that influences modern society. You will be asked to form and defend your own international perspectives. The program aims to help you develop the situational leadership skills to operate across intricate international settings. We offer five concentrations, so you can customize your learning experience to your interests and area of leadership. Through our practice-oriented curriculum and master’s research paper, you can graduate with a portfolio of work that showcases your leading expertise.

Benefits of Learning at Norwich University

Learn to influence on a global scale

As the first private military college in the nation and birthplace of the ROTC program, Norwich University has established a reputation for academic excellence, military tradition and practice-oriented instruction since 1819. When you choose Norwich University, you join more than a college — you join a leadership narrative.

Though Norwich has a rich history, our programs are future-facing. Our master’s degree in International Relations online uses modern technology and offers a curriculum that evolves with current events to help you face the future of international affairs.

As a Norwich student, you can:

Learn more about your master’s degree in International Relations

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