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"I use what I learned every day. I am now more confident and can speak more clearly and knowledgeably with my peers and superiors." - Thomas LaBatt, Norwich Graduate

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Norwich University facilitates a dynamic, flexible, and convenient experience for working adults using a leading-edge online learning environment. As a student at Norwich, you will find peer support, networking opportunities, and one-on-one contact with Norwich University faculty while completing your master’s degree online in as few as 18 months.

You will graduate feeling a part of Norwich University and will be a proud graduate for life.

Available Online Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration >>
Norwich University’s MBA online program helps professionals expand their knowledge, refine their skills, and discover the tools needed to achieve results. Norwich University’s accredited MBA online program was designed to prepare you for real-world challenges in the fast-paced business environment, and the tuition is competitively priced. Acceptance is based on a combination of work experience and a GPA of 2.7 or higher. Choose either the general MBA which provides a breadth of foundational courses in business management, or specialize in one of the following concentrations: Finance, Organizational Leadership, Project Management or Supply Chain Management & Logistics.
Master of Science in Leadership >>
Norwich University’s Master of Science in Leadership online program helps aspiring and rising leaders from a broad range of professional settings hone their personal leadership styles and develop the specialized knowledge and skills needed to not just manage but inspire positive change within their organizations. Throughout the program, students create a Leadership Development Portfolio in which they document the lessons covered in each seminar and reflect on their personal leadership strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Faculty members regularly review students’ portfolios to provide individualized feedback on their progress and guidance on their career aspirations.
Master of Science in Nursing >>
Now more than ever nursing educators and administrators are needed to train the nurses of tomorrow and lead organizations that deliver critical health care services. Both of these important nursing functions – education and administration – offer you the opportunity to advance your career, attain greater life-work balance, and realize personal growth. Norwich University, a nearly 200-year old institution that has trained the nation’s military and civilian leaders, offers a CCNE-accredited Master of Science in Nursing online program that provides you with the skills needed to become a leader in the nursing field, and the opportunity to specialize in one of two concentrations: nursing administration or nursing education.
Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance >>
The Norwich University Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance online program was designed to take your technical expertise and augment it with the knowledge, analytical skills, and management acumen you need to become a thought leader within your organization and in the field of information security and assurance. Choose from one of the following concentrations: Computer Forensics and Incident Response Management, Business Continuity Management or Project Management. As one of the first National Centers for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance, as designated by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security, Norwich University’s alums are a testament to the program’s success.
Master of Public Administration >>
Norwich University’s Master of Public Administration online program gives you the tools you need to maximize your effectiveness and achieve upward mobility in your public service career. In addition to a rigorous core program, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire knowledge specific to your area of interest by selecting one of seven concentrations: Criminal Justice, Fiscal Management, Leadership, Municipal Governance, Nonprofit Management, Organizational Leadership or Public Works.
Master of Arts in Diplomacy >>
Norwich University’s Master of Arts in Diplomacy online program gives you the knowledge, perspective and insight that are critical to your success, whether your field is politics, business, journalism or any other specialty. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from accomplished faculty and peers from across the globe, and help position yourself for steady advancement in an international career. Choose from one of three concentrations: International Commerce, International Terrorism or International Conflict Management.
Master of Arts in Military History >>
Norwich University’s Master of Arts in Military History online program provides you with a sophisticated understanding of the role of war and the military throughout history. The program is rich in lessons of leadership while examining broad strategy and fine tactics. The curriculum goes beyond a traditional study of American military history to present an in-depth global investigation in a framework through which both historical events and human behavior can be understood.
Master of Civil Engineering >>
Norwich University’s Master of Civil Engineering online degree, according to our graduates, not only increases your skill set and specialized knowledge, it provides the critical management tools needed to assume positions of leadership in engineering, construction, and architecture firms across the country. Select from one of four specializations: Construction Management, Environmental/Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, or Structural Engineering.
Master of Arts in History >>
For nearly two centuries, Norwich University has played a vital role in history as the first private military college, birthplace of ROTC and more. Our Master of Arts in History builds on our rich institutional history through analyzing the major developments, events, and figures of the past. Through this analysis, students cultivate a historiographical point of view that takes into account differing schools of historical thought, various research methods, and the limitations inherent in chronicling history. Our program is designed for both working professionals who want to advance or change their careers as well as motivated lifelong learners. Choose from one of two tracks: World History or American History.

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